Why can Google call you to account over Google penalty?

Almost every business person wants to see their website more visible in Google search results. Some of them use manual SEO approach, which is safe and valid in accord with Google search engine rules. Others want to see their website floating on air in ranking overnight; these kinds of people make use of banned ways such as link building software that can build artificial links in thousands at a stretch.

On increasing the ranking of your site using invalid SEO approach can lead you to Google penalty at any time as soon as it comes into their notice. This kind of shortcut is like digging your own grave down the road. A piece of advice is that if you have made such a rod for your own back, back out of it straight away & contact a reliable SEO company like perzonseo: New York before the balloon goes up and you are left holding the bag.

How to give a good account of yourself in a business race with your rival?

In business, it is crucial to check out what activity is your competitor busy in? If you go abortive, they will take the lead over you in the same products and services you are selling too. In the first place, you must keep an eye on the ball to make sure what Google search page the link to your website is appearing no matter it is above or below the fold but it must be on the first page. A good SEO company may stand you in good stead such as perzonseo: New York.

Is your competitor using SEO software?

If you get a clue that your competitor is using SEO software tool to build artificial links and spun articles, you don’t need to be a bundle of nerves because they are making a rod for their own back. Just wait and see how Google calls them to account over such an invalid step.

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