Natural Methods to Treat Preliminary Stage of Arthritis

Juvenile arthritis which is also known as child arthritis affects children below the age of 16. There are three types of Juvenile arthritis –

  • Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Juvenile Chronic arthritis
  • Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis

It affects one in thousand children. Symptoms are pain and swelling which are not caused due to any injury or any kind of illness. There are no reasons for this disease. Science has proved that this disease is not genetic so can’t be passed from someone.

Diagnosis of juvenile arthritis is difficult unless six months are not over. Physicians will take blood tests and X-rays to find out the illness so that they plan treatment accordingly. Physicians for treating juvenile arthritis are called rheumatologist. They have undergone special studies of treating inflammation in joints and muscles.

There are many research foundations wherein special charity for children support juvenile arthritis research. Many of us are unaware of this disease and these foundations want to bring awareness so that it could be brought to an end.

If any child is suffering with juvenile arthritis there are certain measures that need to be followed-

  • Contact the doctor and put an icepack to relieve that child from pain and inflammation.
  • Massage joints to provide relief.
  • Distract the child so that he or she forgets about the pain by getting them involved in other activities.
  • Do ask for a healthy diet chart for the kid so that a balance diet is maintained.
  • Try using water exercises for child.
  • Good amount of vitamin D and calcium is required in diet, which will help in growth and will also make strong bones.
  • Children spend most of their time in schools. Hence, it is advisable that parents should talk to school teachers and inform them about their child’s problem so that they make necessary adjustments.

Children suffering with juvenile arthritis should not be treated differently. They should be involved in most curricular activities, which is good for their growth. Bullying will not only embarrass, but will also demotivate that child.

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