How Pregnenolone Supplement Beneficial In Treating Depression and Other Brain Functions?

The last couple of decades have witnessed an increase in the usage of anti-depressants. This can be due to the hectic and demanding lifestyle necessary to survive in this competitive era.

Depression treatments can be lifesaving, but suffering from chronic recurring depression can be grave. Actually, anti-depressants can cause side effects, so it is suggested that people with mild depression must opt natural drugs and remedies.

Recently, DHEA is gaining popularity, but no one is aware about Pregnenolone (also called Pregnolon, Prenennolone, Pregnelone) that is the ‘Mother Hormone’. Without Pregnolone body would be unable to produce hormones like cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen.

Natural Pregnelone is synthesized from cholesterol. It is endogenous steroid hormone, which is produced in the spinal cord, adrenal glands, and sex organs.

How Pregnelone is beneficial in depression and other brain functions?

Improves brain function

Pregnelone escalates acetylcholine levels within the brain. People suffering from Alzheimer’s lack Acetylcholine because it is a neurotransmitter necessary for the process of complex thoughts.

Enhances memory

According to a couple of research studies, Pregnelone has the capability to enhance memory. Thus, protect people against memory loss.


Depression is the main culprit that disrupts a person’s sleep pattern. Animal studies have reported that Pregnolone supports healthy sleep.


Depression and anxiety are generally good friends. It is found that people suffering from Schizophrenia are always anxious and have low pregnolone level. Pregnolone supplements used regularly can help to alleviate anxiety levels.


Hormonal balance can remove the effects of stress, fatigue and constantly feeling dilapidated.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain also causes depression, which gets worsened overtime and increases suicidal thoughts. Pregnolone helps to decrease painful inflammatory symptoms like gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and Behcet’s Disease.

About Pregnolone supplements

Laboratory version of Pregnolone is made from wild yam, so it is highly recommended as natural option for hormone replacement.

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