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Convenience of booking online bus tickets

In numerous countries, especially the one that base on their tourism, bus travel is the most convenient and affordable transportation mean. In Malaysia or Singapore, major towns, cities, tourist places in addition to different rural areas are very well connected through different bus routes. Both state road transportation and private companies department serve such routes […]

Passenger bus – What you have to know

With the design of different passenger bus, individuals had a different option for traveling across town or country. The bus was considered to seat numerous individuals and in essence, such passengers will split the traveling cost. It was a major advantage to such those individuals that didn’t own different type of transportation or didn’t wish […]

What should you consider when planning a bus ride?

A bus is the most chosen means of transport for numerous individual. It isn’t the only most convenient, but also an economical transportation mode. When traveling a short or long distance, one usually looks to cover a distance by a Konsortium Bus. There are a huge number of things which one should always keep in […]

A 5 hours journey by bus from Singapore to KL

You’ve probably already traveled on the bus before, but today, we are going take you on the bus to sit in and feel as if you are sitting at your own home regardless of space limits compared to your house. This is the bus that was waiting for you and you are the ones who […]

Transtar Travel: An ideal bus service

It’s the age of baby boomers that have the time they put away their hard earned money for and who love tourism. Everybody loves to travel and a better way to travel is to travel by Transtar Travel. It’s a way to see a country close up from the safety of a bus. Here’s where […]

Why travel by Bus?

As more and more individual are looking for safe and cost-efficient transportation services, Transnasional bus travel is becoming a sought-after and viable transport option. Trains, plains, and also a different type of automobiles would perhaps never cease to be used; however bus travel provides numerous incentives which other forms of transportation don’t. Those asking for […]

Traveling from Singapore to KL can be convenient, simple and affordable compared to other modes of transportation

There’s no doubt that traveling from Singapore to KL can be convenient, simple and affordable compared to other modes of transportation that are expensive and take more time than this one. Since Easy Book has come into the transportation field, people have a lot of facilities that they can avail in the comfort of their […]